Saturday, November 27, 2010

Chan is a journey

Dearest Anthony,

The Chan, that I have witnessed so far, contains no absolute.  The teachings tell us the following:
  • I have said not a word.
  • Look inward.
  • Just sit.
  • Detach from all forms.
  • Awaken
All we can do is really just experience.  Often we wonder, how do we know that we are experiencing the right way.  Immediately,  the phrase of "right way" trapped us and we become jailed in the reincarnation of notions and thoughts.  『念念相繼為輪迴』。  Our delusional mind covers up our true being.

Some of us consider "just experience" or "just sit" as very insecure, because there is no guidelines, nothing to lean on and seeing no end.   That is normal and true.  That's why, Hinayana or Pureland practice maybe more suitable for some of us.

Just experience is not absolute either, because each journey of ours are unique.  No matter how you describe, no one could really know for sure what they are.  We all are like waves in the ocean.

Chan is just a journey.  The practice is the teaching, the end, and truthfully an endless journey.  There is no destination, no objective, no theory, no concept. Entirely up to each of us.

What we can hold on to is only the present moment.  Even that is constantly changing.



Hi Bill,

You stated that Shigantaza is "just this". If "just this" is indeed Shigantaza, as you stated, now I would understand finally why you channel most postings to "just this" as the singular truth and others as "illusory".

For us to communicate better, I like to clarify some of the terms that we use. I believe that your "illusory" is equate to my "form". If so, then "just this", or "clear mind", is not "as is", as per our previous discussion.

"As is" in my posts includes everything. It includes all the "forms", as well as "clear mind" and a "heart with harmonious intentions". In other words, "as is" includes both "illusions" and "clear mind" of yours, plus "pure heart without other impulses".

You are separating "Just this" from all "illusions", which is not wrong, while we teach to accept all "forms" as well as maintaining a "clear mind" and a "pure heart". "Pure heart" in our our school also means "originally embedded with compassion or harmonious intentions".

For us to live an enlightened life, accept/fulfill/consummate every "form", or "illusion", is a required condition, which is why we need "pana/wisdom" as well as maintaining a "clear mind without judgment" in addition to "pure heart without various impulses, or without karmic influence".

These are the basis often for me to say "ALL". All includes the life force and wisdom of the universal essence as well as all the transient, relative and impermanent forms.Then we are whole and complete. Otherwise, we are still practicing a incomplete practice.