Sunday, October 30, 2005

Qi Through My Tongue

Last night, for the first time, I felt Qi running from my eye chakra through my curled tongue to my throat chakra.

Then a while later, the Qi from my eye chakra were split and run through my eyebrows, my eyes, my cheek, my ear and united at my tongue and throat chakra.

Another first. Because of all of these unusual experiences due to Zen, I checked my blood sugar this morning, it was 83. My heart beat was 59 and blood pressure was 112/72. My bodily functions seemed normaly.

Emptiness Is Not True Emptiness

Emptiness is also absence and availability. Because of emptiness, there is existence and presence. Emptiness by itself can not exist. It is really a relative to abundance. Our presence or rather existence as well as our absence or rather death is just relative to the surrounding elements of our presence. Thich Nhat Hanh called it "interbeing."

An awakened mind understands the truth relating to all the interdependencies of our existence as well as in tune to its wisdom and power.

Through our five senses however, these wisdom and power are often perceived as emptiness in appearance.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Salt & Water

Karma is like salt. When it is melted into water, the water tastes salty. But we can not touch or see it.

If we apply heat to the water and evaporate it, salt returns.

As we were influenced through our five senses, categorized by our conscious and stored in our subconscious,our water becomes saltier everyday.

Through our five senses, our saltiness are proportionally reflected to everyone around us.

Knowledge & Wisdom

Our knowledge is like ice, it takes years of chilling before it can have a shape for us to reference with.

Wisdom, however, is like water, we need to melt our ice one drop at at time, before we can be completely free to be reshaped again.

After seasons and seasons of winter chilling and summer melting, we are, nevertheless, still the same.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Don’t focus is the focus

I.W. advised that I should not be playing with my Qi. She is right. I am just too naughty. And at this stage, it should not be necessary to guide my channels. So...

As per her advice tonight, I just sit there and let it happen. My legs are no longer sore, because it is filled with energy. My back is fine and so it my entire body. If not because E wanted to go to bed, I'll bet that I can probably sit there for at least another hour.

I shall take some time to try next time.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Where Is The Beef?

Until now, some of you might question why do I talk about my energy flow all this time. Where is all the KOAN, philosophy, sutra talk, mind twisting words?

The truth is, once you understood it. There is not very much to say.

To let go of my mind and intune with the Light of Zen, whole hearted and dedicated Sitting Zen meditation is the only way.

After five some years of daily struggle of my back, legs and mind. This is the first time in my life that I acutally am in touch with my Inner Qi all day long. This is, to me, a miracle.

I recorded here so that some day and someone may find it useful as I progress to the next state. And sincerely I do hope that I do get to being in touch with my Inner Electricity and my Inner Light someday.

If so, then I am one third way there.


Friday, October 14, 2005

Qi Entered My Chan Chakra

This time, an energy force continuously enters my Chan chakra, through my wisdom chakra into my spine and all the way to my Sakrum chakra.

Continuously, unending. It was so enjoyable for about 45 minutes.

I hope K's mom show up this Sunday. Surrender her ego and sense the life force of the universe soon. If so, her arthritis, high blood pressure and anxiety will all be better.

I just entered a paragraph into Wikipedia under American Zen. I hope Nat does not delete it again. If he sincerely believes that "Zen" is a Japanese word and not Chinese, then he is definitely not a Chan student.

Here we come. We teach.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

A Ball Filled With Qi

A ball filled with pure energy.

Last night, when I began to meditate, my perfection mudra, my legs and my upper body became part of a semisphere. I felt like that I was part a ball filled with Qi.

My entire front body was cuddled to it and enjoyed its energy.

I also discovered lately that I don't get tired easily. I have more energy than before. While I meditate, I have less pain and numbness. It was quite enjoyable.

I hope it lasts.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Qi Throughout My Entire Body

September 18, after a 10 hours Zen meditation session in San Jose, I returned to Tustin. As soon as I laid on bed that evening, I felt a big trembling from my stomach downward to my legs. Suddenly I realized that it was the vibration of my navel chakra, which was always less responsive comparing to my other chakras. I knew this can not be caused by my diligence. It came from some external power. With that sweet thought, I fell in sleep.

Next morning during my meditation session, I thought that I should try to focus on the chakras of my upper bodyand see whether that wonderful enegy is still within me. As soon as I thought about it, my eye chakra, throat chakra, navel chakra, heart and root chakra all started to vibrate in sync.

Every since that day, wherever I focus, within seconds, I can feel the Qi. Including areas not taught by my Master, such as my toes, fingers, ears, nose, lips. Sometimes it is outward like a volcano eruption and other times, it was like a terretial engery injecting into me.

Last night, my front brain and back brain was "talking" back and forth. Then left and right brain. Tonight, it was some external energy entering into my Zen chakra, through my wisdom chakra, back neck chakra and spine chakra. This morning, it was my right and left ear lobs.

Every since September 18, whenever I thought about it, I can focus and immediately feel the Qi wherever I want in my body. I discovered last night that my Master called this live a life in meditation, because I am meditating almost all day long. More exactly, may be 8 to 10 short sessions a day.

I can sense something will happen to me soon. I have never felt so much energy within me.

Maybe, because I began to sit on the floor to work two months ago. May be because all the formless charity deeds I exerted. Maybe because I finished draft one of translating the book, "Introduction To Sitting Zen" into English. I don't know the real reasons. It was truly a wonderful feeling as well as a reassurance that I am alive and well.