Monday, November 7, 2005


P came to our English session looking great. He was slim, fit, calm and most importantly younger. What did he do in the past 6 months? The answer was "fasting". In addition to his 45 minute daily meditation, he fasts every Sunday. Aha. Then P told me that he even "survived" a seven day fasting once. Um hum.....

Next day, I met W. She mentioned to me that she did a 21 day fasting once. I know. I know. It is time. If I was told about "fasting" twice in a row and for the first time in 60 years, it must be Buddha's arrangement again. No problem. It should be no different than playing 45 holes of golf without lunch. I did that once. And if I remember correctly, I may actually have enjoyed it.

Well, the day after I actually had three meditation classes to attend. What day could be more natural and suitable than this day?

So, one cup of coffee in the morning. One glass of fruit juice at noon and another glass of vegetable juice for dinner. I felt fine and okay. My head was clear and my body felt light. It did not help my meditation in any way that I could notice.

Let me try again next Sunday and let you know.

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

One not three

After an hour long disucssion on the "Precepts for Zen pratitioners", I was triggered to mention, "The goal for Zen pratitioners is to merge body, mind and spirit into one. Not three separate entities, nor visible from the invisible, but one, and as part of the One."