Sunday, March 5, 2006

Chilling Arm and Thumb

It was during a regular English meditation session at my house on a Wednesday night. I remember I was sitting near he restroom.

Then Lynn came in and walked toward me. She said something like she needed to sit closer to me or something. Out of the blue, my entire left arm became chilling.

I asked what happened to you. Emily immediately replied trying to save her from the embarrasement, "She came from the hospital. The nurse shot her arm wrong. So many of the blood vessels in her right arm were destroyed." Hm, no wonder I felt the chill in my left arm.

Then a month later, during a session at Tracy's house on Sunday, my right thumb started to swell. It felt like swollen and somewhat painful. I can not understand how could I feel such unique sensation in the middle of a meditation session.

While we were driving home, I suddenedly remembered that, due to the wrong injection, Lynn's right thumb was damaged. Immediately I asked Emily to call Lynn and find out whether her right thumb was in pain.

She said, "yes."