Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Life Force

Two weeks ago, YP organized a retreat attended by about 40 people from all over the US.

The moment that I stepped up and salute our Master and thanked him for granting me this opportunity to share what I have learnt, I felt such strong energy came through my Zen Chakra and engulfed my entire body. It was so strong, I can hardly move.

At the end of the session, E asked me to confirm whether I have experienced that, because she did. I am convinced then, that "it" is universal.

I am grateful.

Just Sitting

VB logged onto our group and mentioned to me that he is looking for something more than "just sitting" about two month ago. After two years with American Zen, he needs a break through.

I joined four discussion groups and observed.

Though it was just a few weeks and I have not learnt deeply, I have learnt that indeed, it was "just sitting" and focusing on the moment. The moment and only the moment is meaningful. Yet, I hope that they may realize that the moment is also transient and relative. It was sad that they are attaching to the "moment". Detachment needs to be absolute in order to be synced with the life force of Zen, because it is in the form of energy, it requires the tuning of the entire Self to be synced. By observing the "moment" may still incur the danger of senses and form.

I asked about spirituality, karma, eighth consciousness, life force, etc. The answers that I have received are only a subset of ours. I would say less than 30% of what we teach. Asking them to try something intangible will be quite difficult. As our Master said, they are practicing "Human Buddhism".

I am writing this without discrimination or pride and only with loving kindness. Just like to state what Master said, "the only way to sync with the life force and wisdom of the universe is to tune up the 'tiny universe' of ourselves first".


Time passes by so fast, I just discovered that I have not written anything for over 6 months.

Since January 2006 by accident, I begin to sense the discomfort of others, right side of the head of L, cold right arm of L, left knee of J, upper chest of J, stuffed heart of M, liver of A, etc.

Though this is not the objective of Zen, but I realized that there is a commonality of us all.

Worst case was the a very "cold" K sitting in front me, whom I met for the first time. Then a month later, I was informed that he suffered from a stroke.

I reminded myself that next time I better speak out.

I am grateful that I can actually discover the discomfort first. I hope one day, I can actually do something about it.