Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Father's Heart

My father's heart has arrhythmia and very weak. He said, "God is very fair. I got mad too many times while I was young. So my heart stopped to support me now."

Most of the time, when I was near him, I can feel the upper left side of my heart beats irregularly.

Summer of 2006, Jack invited me to goto Vegas with our father. On the way back home, I dropped Jack and father near the curb of the airport first, so that father does not have to walk too far. Then I drove away to return the rental car. I have purposefully booked a later flight, because I was flying into another airport in OC.

I have learned from Jack that they are flying into LAX and I should look for them at the gate to LAX.

After returning the rental, I then learned that gate seven is the gate, from which they should be leaving. So I walked and walked. While I was passing gate five, upper left corner of my heart started to beat up. I said to myself, "I am getting close to my father now. Wow. Amazing." I was surprised at such connection.

To my surprise, after I arrived at gate seven, father is not there. Nor is Jack. I called Jack's mobile phone and asked. He said, "Oh, we decided to fly to Burbank all of a sudden. So we are now at gate five now."

I am humbled and grateful for all these..

PS..  Later on, there were once when I felt the same beating strongly, I call my father in Xia Men.  I was told that he was just ushered to the hospital.  (Michael Brodsky told me that I also have arrhythmia.)

Friday, June 2, 2006

Ken’s Chilliness

It was probably May of 2006, Tracy introduced Ken to our meditation session in Walnut. Ken is a CPA in his fifties. Short and somewhat fat. He sat right in front of me in the session and Joy sat on the front left of me.

10 minutes into the meditation, I begin to feel chillness coming from Ken. I have not had this kind of experiences before. I tried to sense whether there was anything coming from Joy on his left. No. Joy felt normal. But Ken's chillness still came at me. I have no idea what it meant.

At the end of the session, after Ken left, I asked Tracy how was Ken's health. He replied, "Not so well. I guess. But I don't know more details."

About one month later, Tracy called and informed me, "Ken just had a stroke in his head and he was just picked up by an ambulance."

Oh, God. I felt so sad. If I had known that "chilliness" equates to a stroke, I would have informed Ken way back then. It is so sad.