Friday, September 8, 2006

Russian Ridge

When the was plane circulating on top of San Jose trying to land, my heart felt swollen at the center. Not a discomfort like those I felt from my father, but a hollow, swollen and pumped feeling.

Chin An came over to meet me at the airport. He was my roommate at Berkeley 40 years ago. He did all the cooking and I washed all the dishes. He was still is quite a cook.

At night after dinner, on my call to Emily, I told her of my condition. We both know I have no heart problem. We both know something is happening to someone, but we don't know who or where or when.

Next morning, I had breakfast with my kid sister. She is a devoted Roman Catholic. We talked about our similarities all the time. While we were having Chinese Soy Milk and Baked Chinese Croissant, I noticed the same condition in my heart of yesterday. I also mentioned to her, but she did not respond with any indication that she has any problems herself.

After breakfast, Chin An and put on our hiking shoes and visited Russin Ridge situated on the west side of Stanford University. It was a beautiful hike as always. I always enjoyed the 90 minute hike here. From top of the ridge, we can see the entire southern part of San Franscisco Bay. It is breath taking every time, whether there is cloud or no cloud.

As I was wearing my newly bought hiking shoes from Big 5 Sports, we marched uphill around 10 am. It was later than most of the previous times of our hike. It was hotter than usual. Chin An complained on how hot he felted while we were walking through the Old Oak Path.

Finally, two sweaty guys reach the highest point after about one hour. We took out our water bottle, quenching down our thirst and enjoying the scenary. I was so taken by this view every time. I glanced right and left and lost in its beauty.

Suddenly, I heard a loud bang. There is Chin An, laying down in front of me on the ground with face up. "Hey, are you tired or what?" I asked him. There was no response. I noticed that he was trying to get up but failed. So I just help him to sit up against a rock about the size of a stool.

As soon as I let go of my hands, he started to fall again. So I immediately hold him tight and lowered him to sit on the ground.

Five minutes later, he said, "Boy, what happened to me. While I was watching the view, the next thing I know was that I was on the ground."

I realized that he has just fainted.