Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Birdie meditated with us two years ago. Then she wondered off to study Chinese medicine, Christianity and other Buddhist schools to find remedy for her weak health.

She arrived at 10am on Thursday, March 22, 2007 to our house. And she left at 2-2:30 in the afternoon. She talked and talked and shared her experiences with us. I did not say much. I focused on my chi flow, stayed calm and just listened, because I know that was what she was looking for.

Upon her leaving, she said to me, "Due to my physical condition, I usually become dead tired after two hours of talking. But strangely today, I have been talking for four hours and not feeling tired."

Later on in the evening, Emily felt tight throat and congested chest. For the next three days, she thought that she was coming down with a cold, but nothing really happened other than just discomfort. On the fourth day, she told me that she felt like to cough, but nothing from the throat. Her discomfort was coming from the lung.

Then we realized her discomfort was due to the karma of Birdie.

How did I know? Because that's exactly what happened when Emily took over Dolly's cough and made it her own a while back. Just in one session, Dolly was recovered and Emily was coughing badly.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Conscious & Subconscious

Yesterday, Ed called wanted to know whether it makes any sense for me to talk to Marvin. Marvin was his neighbor in the hospital right now. Doctor already notified Marvin's family that he has less than six months. Ed was a bit frustrated because he always wanted Marvin to come with him to meditate and Marvin always managed to go back to live his old ways. Yet I can sense Ed really hoped that I talk to Marvin.

At 3:30pm phone rang. On the other end, Ed gave the phone to Marvin. Then a faint voice said, "Hi Donald. I have one more thing that I need to do. I don't know what it is. However, I do have a request." "Of course, Marvin" I said. "Can you come here and talk to me?" "Sure."

That night I call Sister Young Lien seeking advise. I have not had the experience encountering terminal cancer patients. She said, "Bring the gold Buddha card and place it on his pillow. Bring the Gheda, Gheda Music for him to listen to and wear our Master's hand to have more power. Before you go, report to our master of the entire incident......" As I was listening to " to our Master...", a force come through my Chan Chakra. My tears come right out. This force hits my Heart Chakra and warmed up my entire body. Everything happened in an instance, before Sister Young Lien finished her sentence, I interrupted her to tell her, "... suddently I have tears in my eyes."

At our Meditation hall, at USC retreat, etc. I had similar experiences, but during those times I was somewhat ready or maybe even expecting it. But this time, it was completely unexpected. It occurred while I was having a normal conversation with clear consciousness on the conversation.

Half an hour later, it downed on me. While Sister Young Lien was advising me to report to our Master, I was visualize "my report" already subconsciously." While my consciousness was in the conversation, my subconscious linked up with our Master. Immediately his Dharma Body was present for me to be connected with.

I am honestly shocked and grateful.

I also learned that the universe works with no regard to the activities of our consciousness.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Bigger Pipe

I was told many times that karma visits those with "cleaner body". I never quite understood this logic, though for the last three four years I have witnessed as well as experienced too many incidences of such occurance.

At the dinner with Harry, his four pound fish and New Zealand lamb chop, I have arrived at an energy parallel. At least I am happy with its logic.

Those with "clearner body" are those with better energy flow. Some with "smaller pipe" and some with "bigger pipe". Karma is an energy with scatter flowing directions internally. Karma by itself does not flow anywhere, and often worse, it hindered the proper flow of all energy. Karma will flow with any energy that flows.

When the karma flows through a smaller pipe, it may hinder the flow of the pipe. That is why I can feel physical discomfort at identical locations of the sufferer. Since October of 2006, I don't feel that anymore, because my pipe has become bigger. It became bigger because all the karma that I have shuffled through. Another witness of the fact that Chan always provides. Like a tree, when it needs to shade more animals with more leaves, its roots grows deeper and its trunk becomes bigger so that it could carry more nutrients to the leaves.

This growth of the "pipe" or "flow volume of Chi" is called merit in Buddhism.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Ed was here for our usual Wednesday session. He shared the following with Emily.

"About one year ago, when I was really in trouble. My life was in a mess. The Korean monk that I meditated with did not return. My fear, anger and loneliness are out of control. My whole body was heated up. I was worried and hestitated when I found you on the net
Then I came to have a talk with Donald.

As I was explaining what I was doing through for a short while, I felt this coolness coming from Donald and almost immediately, my heated sentiment was cooled down. I knew then, this was what I was looking for."

Ever since that day, Ed has been coming to our meditation session. He rises at 4:30am. Does motion Chan for half an hour and sitting Chan for another 30 minutes. All his addictions, anxiety attacks are under control. But he still managed to have "less unhappiness" and has not said that he is "happy" yet.

As to my "coolness" which Ed felt, I have felt nothing. I have no idea what Ed was talking about. I am glad that the life force of the universe manifested through me. If it did, I am grateful for both of us.


At yesterday's session, I shared my understanding of some of the history of our linage, our Master, our school. There was nothing related to what we could become or about enlightenment.

At the end of the session, Shilo told me that she felt so joyful and so happy. She did not know why.

I congratulated her to be able to connect with the present life force with her Inner Self instead of with words or concept with her mind.

Life force as an energy form is ominpresent. It is always joyful and providing without prejudice. All we have to do is to connect to it by surrendering our ego.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Words Are Useless

After nine month of reading, sharing and learning from four Yahoo discussion groups, I have learned that words are useless if used to indicate that we are the slaves of our mind. I am convinced that eloquence may stir up emotions, but useless when comes to wake up the true inner self.

I have also learned that sutras are but experiences resulted from a dedicated and right kind of practice. It is not the experience itself. Without right kind of practice, people may understand or comprehend the sutras. But at best, it may be just a logical comprehension of the mind and not a connection to the life force and wisdom of the universe.

I decided to meditate more. Because I have finally reallized that it is the life force itself does the manifestation and not the words or actions of mine.

No wonder Sister Young Lien keeps on saying, senior meditator must come to support every session.

People are transformed because of the power of this energy and not just words or concepts.