Sunday, March 25, 2007

Real World

Lately the word of "real world" keeps on popping up. It seems to suggest that other world may be the unreal world, or spiritual world, or impractical world.

Actually, there is only one world and it differs depending on one's realization.

Imaging our is this stage, where a real live incident is being played out - romance, murder, suffering, happiness. Then there is back stage, where everyone is just an actor or an actress, normal people playing different roles. Then there is the director, script writer and producer. Then there is the creativity of the writer and the visualization of the directors. Then there are the incidents which triggered and influenced the creativities and the visualization. Then there are the incidents which trigger the incidents, which trigger the incidence.

Now, which one is real? The one in front of us, at the back of it, the directing, the producing, or the writing or the incidents which triggered it?

Accordingly Buddha, there is only one thing real - the life force. Everything else is just its manifestation. If we sync to it, it will manifest through us.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Kind and Gentle Words

In one of the online discussion groups I participated, someone posted to remark that I often use "kind and gentle" words. Did I? I was surprised to see these two adjectives. I have not seen them for quite awhile. Hmm. What is going on?

As a Chan practitioner, I try my best to accept everything in front, around, inside and outside of me, whether I understood, agree or disagree. I have learned after awhile, though I may suffer some mental anquish at the beginning, somehow the truth always surface.

In turn, my heart is cleansed, my faith is strengthened and my life force increased in volume. I often end up with the one who benefit more.

In stead of winning a battle of reasons, morality and other human measurements. Their hearts were connected, communicated and loved. Their mental anguish were relieved and karma were reduced. They felt something, in human terms, of "kindness and gentleness".

I have learned that each one of us has our own realization, our own path and our own timing. All we have to do as fellow practitioners is to accept everyone and everything as is. Embrace everyone and everythig to be in touch with the life force of the universe. Soon or later, this life force of Chan will manifest through to liberate those who could be connected with.

Just be patient, be connected, the universe will unfold itself.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Heart Chakra

For the last three weeks, my Heart Chakra is becoming bigger and bigger. Its energy not only transmits to the tips of my hands, top of my head, as well as my legs. I also become easily moved or affected by emotions.and cry a lot.

Last night, during my session, my Heart Chakra becomes as big as my entire torso. When it pumps, my entire torso is pumping. After two years, I am already confident that this is not a heart disease.

Yet I am also curious, is this what our Master described as "coming out"? Is it?

Thursday, March 8, 2007

More energy with less food

Ever since October of 2006, I energy level has increased and I no longer can feel the physical discomfort of others.

When I meditated, the chi will be at wherever I observe. I always curious as to what will happen to me next. Now that I have crossed into another unknown territory.

It has been six month now, I noticed that I don't feel hungry as easier. I ate less, but I had more energy. I don't get tired that easily. My weight dropped by 5 pounds from 180 to 175.

My black spots, from forty years of golfing without protection, on my face, body and arms grew lighter and smaller.

I said to Emily at today's yoga class, "Hmm. This is getting really interesting. I maybe becoming younger."

Study The Experience

After participating with online discussion forums for 8-9 months, I have finally realized why my master taught only Sitting Chan for the first fifteen years without teaching any of the sutras.

I have realized that there was an important understanding about the sutras before we read them. That is all the sutras are about Buddha's enlightened mind. The sutra records his experience and his witness of his synchronization with the universe.

It is an experience with an invisible, indescribable energy which can only be connected with and difficult to be read, understand or comprehend by our mind. For instance, how can we study the taste of an apple. How can we study a Marathon run? How can we read about love?

If we had the connection with the life force of the universe,,,
  • we would know instinctively that "form is emptiness and emptiness is form" because they are both manifested by the life force.
  • We would know instinctively, "... all Dharma that is voiced, stated, written, documented are not Dharma", because it is not the life force itself.
  • We would know instinctively, "... seeing all forms as no form, thus see true form..." means all forms are just effects and the life force is the true cause.
If we experience of the life force and wisdom of the universe, there will be no interpretation necessary, every word in the sutra will be clear and precise.

Why do so many teachers both to explain and interpret the sutras for all the mind. There is really no short cut.

I decided to meditate more and more and more.

For many there are so close yet so far.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Normal Again

Nowadays, whenever I calm down, I can just feel the Chi running throughout my body. Wherever I focus, it is there. From top of the head to the tips of the legs and the end of my toes.

When I meditate, Chi from my Heart Chakra just rush through to the tips of my hands like a river flowing.

Often I become worried, simply because I am not used to these energies. Is it highblood pressure. Is it high blood sugar? Is it a heart condition? Where does energy come from?

So this morning, I ask the Blood Presure Meter what is going on. It was 109/70 with pause at 67. Relief....

One week ago, after we had lunch, I need to replace the battery in my mother's blood sugar meter. I have no one but myself to test it making sure that it does work. So the result of my blood sugar came in at 87. Tthat was one hour after lunch.

What can I say? I am normal, yet blessed.

I am grateful.

Friday, March 2, 2007

What is after this?

Marvin is a terminal cancer patient at Fountain Valley Hospital. I visited him at his request.

He had only one question, "What is after this?"

Wow, I have never even thought about this myself. How do I answer a big question as such to a dying man?

The following was my reply.

Hi Marvin, I shall try to answer your question to the best of my knowledge. But that is only for your reference. Please do not consider my reply as being the only truth. And I shall try to answer it without using any religious references. Okay? Marvin nodded.

There are two parts of us. There is the physical part and the spiritual part. Let us talk about the physical part first. That is easier.

As you know our body is made from the food we ate, the air we inhaled and the sun's rays we tanned by. When we die, our body decomposes into moistures, ashes, gases, etc. The earth will redistribute these elements into the air, for other plants or animals. So in essence, our body did not really disappear. It just redistributes itself. As you may already know, that it is medically proven, that our body rejuvenates itself every seven years. In other words, every seven years, practically every cell in our body is a new one. Our body sort of recycles itself periodically anyway.

Now, let us talk about the spirit of ours. As you know, everyone of us is different. Some are kind. Some are ferocious. Some are happy and some are not. These are the spiritual side of us. These are like energies which we all can feel and sense and transmit. Right?

So, as you know energy never dies. It just transforms. It transforms from static energy to dynamic energy and vica versa. Anyone who ever studied science can tell you that. For instance, a match can turn into fire and a fire can turn into heat. And heat can cause breeze.

Therefore our spirit never dies, it just transforms. When this spritual energy combines with some of the physical elements of this earth, another living thing emerges. It could be a tree, a dog or a human.

Well, this is best way that I can answer your questions.

Yet, if you will, I like to recommend that you practice the belly breathing which Ed taught you and do not think about these things. Okay.