Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Magic Word

Is there a short cut to think, speak and act more effective in line with the teachings of Chan?

I have learned a simple word to help me rid of dualistic views, assumptions and judgments.  The magic word is "we".

If I minimize the usage of "you and me", or "yours and mines", just use "we and our", I can quickly harmonize my views and my perspective holistically and viewing the world with greater understanding of its causation and effects.  We differ just  in the various versions of "our" manifestation.

By using this magic word, "we", in my writing and thinking, I manage to quickly abandon my point of view and the position that I am defending or even taking.  Thus, I can quickly reunite with others instead being separated from the "Whole".

Through Sitting Chan, we can even experience the "we", cherish it and sort of in love with it.  This wonderful quiet practice enable us to be connected not just within ourselves but also with others as well as the universe, including the animals and plants.

After we experience "suchness", we would instinctively know how little we are; how unimportant our views and opinions are; how are we interconnected to everything else.

A deep bowl to every practitioners who cherish this practice.