Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Meeting with Our Teacher III

Before I forget, the following is a brief summary of the meeting with our Teacher on October 9, 2007.

1.  English translatation needs to be easier for westerner to understand instead of more precise to the Chinese original text.

2.  Web site content could be availabe to every visitor instead of hiding before a mandatory registration.

3.  He will be visiting Los Angeles soon.

4.  He agrees to set up special internal organization to connect all businessman into one network to help out with resoure management.

5.  Just observe the chakra is not enough, practitioners need to penetrate into the center of each chakra.   Power of each chakra, like everything else, is concentrated more in the center.  Focus and concentrate and penetrate and absorb those energy of each chakra.

6.  He loves red bean and taro ice cream, and thus treated each one of us with one large scoop of each.  Yummy..

That is all for now.

We are all very grateful.

Shilo, Emily, Sister Young Lien and me.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Invisible Causes

We live in a world of visual, audible, tasteful messages.

Too often, we made judgment based on what we saw, encountered or heard. We did so because we received these physical messages through our senses.

Too often, we thought these were the real life events, because we can see, hear, touch or feel them. These experience are in physical forms.

Too often, in our haste to survive or to defend, we made judgment or react quickly based on what we see, hear or feel.

If we delay our reaction a bit, take some time to explore, calm our emotions, put ourselves in stillness, we will soon discover, these are merely effects and not causes.

Causes are usually invisible, untouchable, indescribable and in the past. In Buddhist terms, causes are actually the "real forms", while the effects we experience physically are actually the "empty forms".

The only way to truly be in sync with the causes, as well as causes of causes, is to have a mind not affected by effects. Practice meditation helps us to purify our thoughts, assumptions, judgments as well as enhance our inner spirit to be in touch with the invisible universal causes.

In essence, we could then undertake the karma of others and in turn we are able to liberate our own suffering from all the effects, which were merely physical manifestation of the causes.

This state of nothingness are sometimes labeled as understanding, awakening, compassion, etc.