Thursday, November 29, 2007

What Are We Really Cultivating? (v.III)

We were often taught that we were cultivating our Qi as we sit. With Qi, we purify our body, then our mind, then spiritual connection will come. I often wondered about that term of spirituality?

Throughout my practice, however, I have experienced different states of myself. When my mind is at peace and in a state of stillness, my body is at still, emotionless, I can feel that I am connected to the people around me, or even away from me. No matter what I say, or not say, we are connected and communicating.

On the other hand, if my body and mind are disconnected, no matter what I say or do, I am not connecting to anyone or anything. In short, I suspect that there is an invisible level of communication that I am sometimes experiencing, if I could get myself into a certain state of stillness.

Until yesterday, I found my answer in one of the books by our Master. As we sit, we are really cultivating our spiritual power. This is the underlying power which could transform materials and phenomenon. This is the power could be in sync with the universal truth. This is the power that has no boundary, no judgment, no logic, pure and omnipotent.

The word Our Master used in his Chinese text was "integrate/unify" spiritual power. Meaning our attention or awareness is usually diverse or dispersed here and there - hand, books, TV, food. We need to unify all of our awareness into one central one. When that happens, not all the stimulus still could be sense, and at the same time we are not affected by it. Better still, we can even sense "more", as well as having the "spiritual power" to affect.

Some suggested that this is what we called "focus", yet based on my experience, it is more than just the act of "focus", it is a "spiritual power" that we are cultivating.

I am not sure I am explaining it right. It is something to be practiced and experienced.

Thank you, Master.

I am very grateful.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007




“洋蓮師姐在我后面,師父。”,我說。但我心里在想,師父真有愛心,等了一百多人了,還在等。 我真是自嘆不如。



這次結緣班的檢討會中, 有許多的同修提出了許多寶貴的意見。都是發自肺腑的珍貴之言。我們深深的知道,心都是在一起的。