Sunday, March 22, 2009


Somehow the notion to harmonize often connotes to "lower" or "sacrifice" ourselves in order to fit in with the rest. It is so because most of us consider ourselves "unique" or "above". Was it so because that was the way we were brought up? To be unique? To excel?

If the world is not One and not in Harmony, then where there is a mountain, there could also be a lake. Polar bears could be running side by side with camels in the Sahara desert. Los Angeles could also have rain forest. There could be day and night at the same time, when some of us get up to work, and some of us go to bed.

If the world is One, then All are in harmony. But so what?

There is a time and place for us. (remember the song?) If we "sync to the harmony", then there is always a parking spot for us, no matter how crowded. There is always food for us when we are hungry. Some may say, this sounds optimistic and self-serving. Yes, it is self serving, if we do think so or having strong faith about it. Confused?

"Sync to the harmony" has a prerequisite, "completely let go off our judgmental and anxiety filled mind."

Chan practice does not offer an instance benefit or change. It is a gradually process. It is gradual because it takes time to rid off our 5 poisons and our mental sentient beings.

Let down our insecurity and raise our awareness. Be aware of every encounter that is in front of us and fulfill it with our best foot forward, no matter how meaningless at the time. Continue to deliver and surpass our habitual thoughts and impulses.

Gradually, we shall come to realize that there is a unique journey for each one of us. Everyone of us were born with an unique mission, like every blade of grass and every living being. There is a custom tailored place for everyone of us. We can live joyfully as long as we sync to the universal clock and participate in every activity in front of us.

Be One is to place ourselves at the right place of the universe at the right time 24/7 without judgment.

This is my recent realization to share with you.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

他人的心 - Heart Of Others

The reason, that others don't understand us, is because we were not using their language or disconnected from their heart.
When we are in our righteous mind set, we would not notice the true inside need of the others, no matter how obvious.
When we are judging others, we are disconnected from our heart. Thus disconnected from others.