Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tolle's Phrases

Just watched a short video of Eckhart Tolle's lecture. Below are what I loved.

"Ego is out of alignment with everything that is going on NOW."

"NOW is the only thing we've got. Future or tonight becomes NOW."

"Being in the NOW is not productive, yet it helps us to appreciate of being alive and beauty."

"Whatever resistance we have NOW, is our ego."

"Accepting everything that is happening NOW, eliminates fear and desire."

Extending from this, I derived the following:

  • Knowledge is by nature incomplete, it needs to continuously feed itself. It is what ego was composed of.

  • Accepting everything as is feels naked and insecure to the ego, because there is nothing we can control or lean on or cover with.
  • To Be Nobody

    Most of us probably have enough idea on how to awake ourself. Let us talk about Help Others To Wake Up from within.

    At the beginning of my journey, I was so overwhelmed about the depth of Chan, I constantly share the most valuable realization to everyone I met.

    During this period, I was at the top of the world. Constantly I was experiencing physical and mental sparks.

    Then I realized that all my sharing to others was merely imposing my values to others. I may have benefited through intro-retrospection, but I have managed to alienate myself somewhat from the ones I love.

    Then I learned that compassion is not just words, but a true undertaking the karma of others. What does that mean?

    No matter how we criticize or beat up the ones we love, it is just a battle between our values and theirs. It is just one mental construct fighting against the other. Both sides loose in this war of forms.

    Since every way is the way to awakening, it is actually more effective if we help everyone to complete their journey in their own way.

    This requires us to expand our way to include their way, to add their values and vocabularies into ours.

    As my path began to expand, I realized gradually that I really need to be truly nobody, in order to be every body.

    Then I could be a friend instead of a teacher, a father, a husband, a boss, a scholar, a PhD, ......

    Then I could be one with everyone..

    Monday, May 18, 2009

    No Man Is An Island - Oneness II

    John Donne said, "No man is an island." True.

    If you think you are unique as an island, that you are knowledgeable, superior, humble, powerful, influential, etc., in any way different than others, then you are delusional. These recognition are the construct of your mind, based on your incomplete experience, and not your Buddha Nature.
    When you think that you are an island, you see everyone else also as an island. A label is usually glued to that island, such as ignorant, superior, preferred or disgusting. Then the world would seem to be confusing and treacherous. You are thus truly lost in your mind.

    Wake up from delusional mind got to occur from within. We can whip one to death. We can shout as loud as needed to. In essence, we are doing it only to the mind and not the inner Spiritual Being. Often times worse, our formed communication results in creating higher defense systems, as all ego would usually so react.

    If we can, bypass their ego; use our heart; connect to everyone from within, instead of winning the form-war by destroying one's ego.

    After all, whether we believe it or not, we are One.

    No man is an island.

    Saturday, May 16, 2009

    Be One

    Chan is One and not two. This statement seems been around for centuries
    and it seems that everyone understood the "not two" means that duality
    is the product of our mind, such as good or bad, proper or improper,
    right or wrong, etc.

    What I like to share with you is the concept of "One". This "One" has
    two meanings. On one hand it means the singular life force and wisdom
    of the universe. It also means at the same time, "whole" as well as
    "entirety". In Chinese we say, "Chan is One. One is ALL. All is One."

    Therefore, "One" means the fundamental driving force of the universe as
    well as everything that is manifested by it, with and without shape,
    visible as well as invisible.

    It is the objective of Chan, not only to be in sync with the life force
    and wisdom of the universe, but also accept and be connected with the
    cause and effect, of every phenomenon or object, being manifested, no
    matter how much our mind dislikes.

    Therefore, if someone is sick, or crazy, or dumb, or impolite, or
    offensive, or ruthless, it is up to Chan practitioners to embrace to see
    through to the cause and harmonize them into the world. Why? Because
    we have the ability.

    Be One, is not just being with the enlightened or the super power. Be
    One, is be one with the Entire universe, no matter how ugly or
    unbearable they are. And be One is be One 24/7 at every moment.

    Then the universe can truly be "one and whole and complete" both
    physically and spiritually.

    Let us begin by being One with the one closest to you. :-)

    Friday, May 1, 2009

    『圓』『融』- Fulfillment

    Wow, he is so stingy.
    Wow, she would not let go.
    Oh, he is so foxy.
    Man, he is so slippery.
    Boy, he is lost in his own religion.
    You are so irresponsible.
    Sad. He just does not understand me.
    He has so much loose end.

    Yes, these are all attachments. But they are the attachment of others and not our own.
    The world is always as is. Everyone of us has our own ego, delusions and helplessness. Mostly are results from karma.
    Having recognize the attachment of others is not going to help us. Is it?
    Our Teacher teaches that it is our own ego we need to surpass. Look inward and not look outward.
    Whatever our insistence, our principles, our position, our values are all construct of our brain.
    These are the products of our ego. These are the ones we need to surpass.
    If there is no self, where does the position, principles take root. If there is no mind, how can thoughts derive.
    Sutra stated, "Buddha is born from the everyday world." We need to enhance our awareness. Constantly watch our thoughts and actions. Surpass our ego and fulfill the needs of every sentient being.
    Not waiting to receive "Big" wisdom from deep meditation, but to develop "small" wisdom from the delusions of all sentient beings. Our Teacher teaches in his book, "Chan practice is drop by drop."
    We need to let go drop by drop and not waiting for the that big step to instantly be Buddha.
    Fulfillment is to melt into the hearts of others, such that we could use their language and their value to enhance their awareness from within.
    And not attack their castle and completely defeat them. Both sides loose if this is the method.
    I am grateful to his seminar that I have received. Yes, fulfill the needs of others by melting into it and not attacking delusions of others.