Thursday, December 23, 2010

Liberation III

Liberation is more about our being, notions and intentions than about our actions or words. Judging whether someone is liberated or not from actions or words could be risky unless we were informed of their invisible intentions.

Liberation is really for our spirit. We are the only one who knows whether we are liberated or not.

Buddha has awakened to Absolute Equality and Absolute Awareness.

Could we and would we be awakened to Absolute Equality. Could we talk and act with Absolute Equality, without any sense of positions, roles and sex imprinted into us?

Could we and would we be a husband and a wife at same time? Or a manager and an employee? A follower and a leader? A student and a teacher? A seeker and sought?

How we act does not matter as much as whether we are attached to the discrimination of roles, responsibilities, rules or even moralities. That is if we could always maintain a state of harmonious intentions,
with equality and with loving kindness. When our mind is pure, our heart will shine. Purity is the first key practice as taught by my Teacher.

Only when we truly awake to the fact that we are no one, then we could be anyone at any moment.

The minute we began to defend our position or role, our ego is in play.
We have thus lost our liberation.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Liberation II

What if we could expand our fulfilling of every moment beyond spouse, and willfully deliver, without judgment, planning, expectation, role-play and any preconceived notions, and just simply live every moment with out best foot forward, within our resources allowed, ....

What if we could temporarily put aside our concept of role, duty, responsibility and just act with  harmonious intentions.

What if we could live a role which includes every role altogether? Be a teacher and student, husband and wife, son and daughter, friend and enemy all at the same time?

What if we could let go of our pre-conceived journey and just let it unfold to us  ....

Could we?

What if we look inward and not outward?

What if we simply ignore everything that were ever posted, including this one of mine, and reach inside to our inner Tahiti.  Perhaps it is not out there.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Viki has been meditating with us for over 10 years now. Gradually in her journey, she has learned to give, to give, to give, to serve, to serve and serve, while her husband, Dr. Tracy Lee with an upbringing of a Chinese husband, does little chores. Similar to my father and my grandpa. Viki did not complain. She just fulfilling each moment as always and more each day. Last week, Viki shared with us with joy, that after twenty years of marriage. Tracy finally took the initiative, all by himself, to cook dinner every day.

Because of it, I share the lesson that I have learned. From time to time you may have heard that I spoil my wife bad. I do things "normal" husbands are not willing to do, because they consider it beyond their duty or role. The secret of doing more than asking for, actually results in my own liberation.

A lot of times, I have to get up in midst of an exciting Laker's game to wash dishes. I have to swallow my ego to say or to do things my father would look down upon for not being a man, meaning against my own upbringing.

The truth that I have learned is that, fulfilling every moment, or do more as needed, actually liberate myself from all mental construct of who I am and who I should do, or be, or think. I am capable to do anything at any time now. Yes, I am free finally.

"Isn't that so?" I asked Tracy. He smiled and nodded.

"You practice and witness." my Teacher would say. "Life is in your own hand. I am just a tour guide."

Tuesday, December 7, 2010



事實上這些想法,都是把我們放在對等的位置,公平合理的位置上在考量的。因為每個人都要面子,都有自我的價值觀,要用道理來說服 人家,是很需要時 間來教育,要有耐心與堅持的。所以是很慢,很不容易成功的。




那照    師父的語言來解釋的話,是否就是要把我們自己,從人的層次,提升到菩薩的層次了呢?


了解嗎? Understand?

請問,你的朋友完全的了解你嗎?Do your friends completely understand you?
請問,你的父母完全的了解你嗎?Do your parents completely understand you?
請問,你的子女完全的了解你嗎?Do your children completely understand you?
請問,你的另一半完全的了解你嗎?Do your other half completely understand you?
More than likely, the answer is negative. Yet, do you honestly believe that you could find someone having exactly an identify thinking process? If the thinking process is not the same, how could one understand the other?
Thinking process is our dharma. Attachment to dharma is suffering.
當我們為自己感到孤單,沒有知心朋友的時候,我們可以提醒自己,其他人都跟我們是一樣的。都逃脫不出自己的『思維模式』。只要有思想,就離不開 『法』。
When we felt lonely or misunderstood, we could remind ourselves that everyone else is just like us. No one could escape from his/her own thinking process. As long as we are thinking, we are trapped within ourselves.
所以 師父教導我們,要放下意識心,用慈悲心,圓滿心來待人接物,那不是一個教條。而是唯一可以讓我們真正活得瀟灑自在的生活方式。
Our Master Teacher taught us to let go of all thoughts. Live with compassion and fulfillment. That is not a discipline for practice. That's the only way to live a liberated life with joy.