Friday, May 31, 2013

Our practice to reach enlightenment

Hi Mike and Bill,

Thank you for your interest.

To reach enlightenment in this life requires us to purify our physical, mental and spiritual hindrances.  Our practice is just meditation.  The basic technique is cover in this book.

Through this practice, we redirect our mind to focus on our internal organs.  This way it helps us to rejuvenate our health and thus purify our physical self.  As we deepen this practice, our "awareness" and "focus" is enhanced, while our "thinking mind" is gradually reduced.  Our "awareness" to the state of our physical body, mind, spirit and everything around us will tell us what needs to be done.  Our "focus" enable us to carry it out.  Both "awareness and focus" are components of our spirit, embedded in our heart.

Usually after six months of meditation, as the mind drops away and body is purified, the practitioner will feel the chi circulating in his body, as well as the vibration from nature.  Gradually he transforms his physical entity into an energy entity.  Then from energy entity to a spiritual entity.

When he is ready to receive, Shifu would transmit Buddha Heart Imprint.  How does that feel?  Mark Troxell, recipient of this lineage treasure described here..

As to Bill's question, how do we initiate newbies to this practice.  We begin with two ten-fifteen minute sessions, begins with belly breathing, then chakra focusing.  Let them be connected with the state of their body first.  Implement with Motion Chan exercise, which will stretch open all major meridians.  (Our practice is based on the same principles as acupuncture. Just do it without a needle.)

Usually in three years, when the practitioner can circulate the chi three times through all three chi channels and ten chakras, then the practitioner has purify his body.  He would not get sick anymore.  Or in other language, surpassed his physical hindrance.  This is how we assess the progress.  Then his is on his way to purify his mind.

Let me know if you have any other question.

About Chan

Hi Bill,

Thank you for asking..  Below are my comments for your reference..  I have read this article awhile back..

Chan by definition is One and ALL.  Meaning it is the absolute dharma applicable to ALL things - body, mind and spirit.  As well as it can answer every question written in the sutra and bible.   In other words, with a simplest practice, it can rejuvenate our body, clear our mind and let our spirit shine by eliminating all karma.  And at the end of it all, our spirit will stop reincarnating.  We will be in heaven.

Most of the Chan teachings by an unenlightened master, stops at the mind level, because they don't have the spiritual power to help people to eliminate their karma.  This article ends at the mind level.  For most of the people, if one can achieve ego-less, it would already deserve celebration, because the world will be a better place.  This is what we call "Chan Living", or everyday Chan. Living by fulfilling each moment.  But you still reincarnate.

Most of the Chan teachings does not cover the spiritual practice, because it deals with lights, chi and abstract phenomena.  Yet, once you experience consistent phenomena with lights and chi, you will know they are the actual causes of everything.  The world is really run by energy.  In other worlds, the spiritual practice is the practice dictating our body and mind.  Fundamental Chan practice is a spiritual practice.  If you recall, seven or eight years ago, when I first join the forum, I asked, "is there spirituality in Zen?"

BTW, how do we know whether a person is enlightened or not?  The proof is in his dead body.  If he dies at his preferred time without sickness, and there are relics after he was cremated, then he is enlightened.

My Shifu said, "the parents of all my disciple, even though they do not practice, they still will have relics when they die."  I have witnessed that every time.

In short, I like to suggest to the forum, instead of using your mind to judge whether you wanted to try our way of meditation or not, just try it diligently for six months, then you shall experience.  There is nothing worth any of us to hang on too, or to hold them with our life.   Chan is taught beyond words and through transmission.

Chan is about direct experience of ALL things.  Using our mind to filter or discriminate only narrows our scope resulting in practice with our mind and not our spirit.  Let our spirit soar and be free.


When we have wisdom, we would see Chan in every phenomena, every logic, every event and every sentient being.

We would be in sync with the cause and effect of everything in each moment.

We would be one with the universe, both in form and formless.

We no longer need to agree or disagree, because we would know EACH has a reason to exist in the universe,  based each particular perspectives and causes.

We would be compassionate, accepting and always in peace within ourselves as well as with everyone around us.

Formed Dharma

Dear Mike,

Everything that I posted, as well as, those from my Teacher and Buddha, and everything been discussed in this forum, are what we called in our school, as "formed dharma".  "Formed dharma" only describes the dharma and not the dharma itself.  Thus "formed dharma" are empty by nature.  Dharma itself is formless and can only be synced to, can not be understood, grasped, practiced, etc.

The word illusory been discussed so far really mean "do not attach to all forms and phenomena", because they are impermanent by nature, thus empty.  Yet during their short life span, they still existed.  I believe that's what Edgar's "reality" mean.

Most of these discussions are on par.  Because each of us are attached to a particular logic and definition, that's why we have these discussion.  The key to discuss is not whether I am right and you are wrong.  But is to see the truth is everything that is posted here in the forum.

Each of us are right from our own perspective.  Chan is to see all perspectives and not just our own.

After all, opinions are empty, illusory forms in the first place.

By saying everything is Chan, I meant to say that all forms and formlessness existed in the world are caused by the wisdom and life force of the universe.  When we are ONE with it, we will be able to accept it, understand it, see its wisdom, feel its life force and fulfill it, at each moment.  When we are separate, then we loose our connection with it, then we are driven by our ego.